Pala Denture Teeth Idealis 8 Posterior, D4 / 31L, CE


The Pala Idealis posterior tooth line with its naturally reduced cusp angle is ideal for implants and prostheses for the elderly.

The Pala Idealis posterior tooth with its wide tooth neck and high volume is the ideal solution for implants and tertiary structures. The large proximal areas provide a very good interdental closure and make oral care simple for the patient. The patient also benefits from the very high comfort resulting from reduced initial abrasion. Pala Idealis posterior teeth can be combined with both Pala Mondial and Pala Premium anterior teeth as required.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced shear forces for healthy and comfortable function
  • Basal expansion for aesthetic gingival shaping
  • Ideal soft tissue support with cheek supporting contour
  • Optimal covering of tertiary and implant structures through wide cervical areas and high volume
  • High abrasion and fracture resistance with NanoPearls® technology.

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