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About Gunz Dental

Our Promise

At Gunz Dental we promise educated people who understand our customers’ needs, supplying relevant products and honest advice to help dental professionals provide the best possible care.

Founded in 1936, we are the largest Australian privately-owned dental products importer and distributor across Australia and New Zealand. We are focused on helping Dental professionals provide the best possible Dental care.


We like to think we are the people behind the products you trust. We provide continuing education and we work to be educated in products and processes so that we are able to respond to Customers on the spot.

Guaranteed Supply

A comprehensive product selection. The promise we are working to fulfil is that orders from Promotion plus or for one of our focus products will be available at the time of order.

Profitable Practice Partners

Our Profitable Practice Program is designed to bring together other independently owned Australian and New Zealand Companies to help independently owned Australian and New Zealand dental practices to successfully manage and grow their businesses.

Supporting the Profession

Gunz Dental has been actively involved in partnering with Dental associations since being founded in 1936. We represent manufacturers and suppliers of dental products worldwide; we are also a part of many local dental associations to help grow the profession from strength to strength.

Specifically, Gunz Dental has contributed to assisting with the broader industry growth by:

  • Funding Research
  • Funding education bodies;
  • Developing and advocating policy statements; and
  • Educating dental professionals on new and/or improved products and techniques that improve practice efficiency.