MTA-Fillapex Automix Double Barrel Syringe 4gm



The proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealer

Product description

Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer


For root canal filling


– Biocompatible: Tissue healing with little inflammation
– High radiopacity*: Excellent radiograph visibility
– Flow rate of 27.66 mm*: Allows filling of accessory canals
– Setting expansion of 0.088%*: Due to MTA presence
– Presence of Calcium ions: Helps bone and tissues regrow
– Film thickness*: 9.6 µm
– Paste / paste presentation: Easy handling
– Working time: 23 minutes and Setting time (130 minutos): Ideal to complete all steps of endodontic filling
– Setting time: 130 minutes (ideal to complete all steps of endodontic filling)
– Easy removal: Removed with citrus oils and chloroform solvents
– Radiopacificator Calcium Tungstate: Does not stain tooth structure 
Ref. 827 MTA-Fillapex Automix: 1 double barrel syringe (4 g), 10 automixing tips and 1 mixing pad

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