August 2020

From the
Managing Director

On behalf of all the team at Gunz Dental we would like to firstly thank you for your business in 2020 and to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year in 2021.

What a year 2020 has been especially with respect to the learnings we have all had in running a business in a pandemic. It has been a very steep learning curve that we have all done very well to climb and for many of us, we may not have reached the summit yet. However, I have no doubt that we are well on track to reach the top.

What has been reinforced to us in 2020 is that staying idle is essentially moving backward in today’s business world. As we all know, the business of Dentistry has changed more in the past five years than it had in the previous 50! There are more technological advances, human resources involvement, continuing education options, corporate competition and on and on.

It is increasingly difficult for an oral health care professional to deliver oral healthcare first and hope he or she can be competitive in the business world. Today, and for all of our days going forward, a dentist must first be a business owner who delivers oral healthcare, compared with previous decades where you were a dentist who happened to own a business.
So as business owners what should we be focused on? From a Gunz Dental perspective I can share that our focus is going to be to,

• Continue to hire the right people
• Getting accountability to ensure the team deliver the work we want done
• Improve our ability to have product available at the time of order entry
• Improve and develop the digital channels for our customers to better engage with us in their time

From a dental practice perspective, I know some of our customers have identified the keys to success in 2021 as,

• Hiring the right people
• Being great at dentistry and great in business
• Increasing case acceptance
• Getting accountability to ensure the team deliver the work they want done
• Treating the whole of patient and rejecting those patients who are not compliant.

It is interesting to see the overlaps. At Gunz Dental we partner with a number of companies who, like us and the majority of you are privately owned businesses, to help you through our Profitable Practice Partners initiative, to be better at business. Please do not hesitate to visit our web site and reach out to them to help you to achieve your business goals in 2021.

One of the other key learnings to us in 2020 was how we need to take responsibility for providing a work environment that keeps ourselves and our staff safe. Speaking with Dr’s Rick Spencer and Steve Cohen at the recent course they were delivering to a full house titled, “I don’t give a Dam but I should” which Gunz Dental has been supporting for nearly 20 years we were bemoaning the fact that more Oral Health Care Professionals don’t place rubber dam routinely, both to keep patients safe and improve the quality of their outcomes by minimising moisture contamination.

We pontificated as to why the Oral Health Care profession refuse to inculcate rubber dam as a routine in their practice. In a survey last year, it was noted that less than 10% of practices were using a dental rubber dam routinely. The No. 1 reason at the time was lack of proper training and time. Sadly, training does exist and like all things the more you do the more efficient you become.

In today’s communicable disease environment where there is a need to minimise aerosolization of liquids when doing dentistry there is evidence to suggest that the placement of a rubber dam significantly reduces airborne particles in a one-meter diameter of the operational field by 70% during a procedure. I would suggest that from a workplace and health perspective getting training on rubber dam placement and making the time during an appointment to place rubber dam is the responsible thing to do.
We started this year with considering how we would recover from the drought and the bushfires. In 2021 we will start, wondering what the impact of Covid 19 will be on our business. However, all we can do is worry about the things we can control and make sure we do those things to the best of our ability.

Once again thank you for your business in 2020 we have done our best to help you provide the very best care to your patients. We look forward to continually improve so that you can continue to provide the best possible care to your patients in 2021.

From all the Gunz Dental team, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very happy and prosperous New Year in 2021.