November 2018

From the
Managing Director

It would seem to me that as the world evolves people have a need to be more recognised, and so it is for Dentists, at least in the USA, as on March the 6th it was National Dentist Day. An opportunity for the population in general, and all Dentists, to remember that becoming a dentist is a very respected career choice and requires a lot of hard work and study and that being a dentist is a desirable profession. Also, that good oral care plays a very important part in the overall health of people. Sadly, I think it is something that both the Industry and the Profession may be forgetting. The litmus test on this is to ask yourself if a member of your family, or a family friend, asked you about working in the Industry, or becoming an Oral Health Professional, would you recommend it or discourage it?

Certainly, the business of dentistry is changing. In a recent report https://practices. survey respondents listed their biggest concerns as: the continuous evolution of digital technology, the increase in the number of dental schools across Australia, the overcrowded marketplace, with most dental professionals under the impression that the industry is flooded by dentists in practice, the rise in corporate dentistry, which created a whole new market of competition. Especially the concern that many corporate entities in the dentistry business are owned by insurance companies, who market directly to their members.

Although the expectations of patients may not have changed so much with patients who use a Health Engine, prioritising their requirements as:

Pricing – What does the treatment or appointment cost?

Responsiveness – How easy or difficult is it to get an appointment?

Patient comfort – Does the patient experience any anxiety or pain during a treatment?

Perceived professionalism – Is the patient adequately informed about treatments?

Practice ambience – What impact does the physical characteristics of the practice have on the patient? (Décor, equipment, uniforms, marketing material, etc.).

Albeit, the role of social media in providing patients a platform to give feedback on how their expectations were met, and the reach that platform has compared to the past is significantly different.

At Gunz Dental we like to think that we can help Oral Health Professionals to operate their practices as businesses through our Profitable Practice Partners program, to support the business in delivering an excellent customer experience by helping oral health professionals deliver the best possible care; and that we share the desire of our customers to improve oral care because of the importance good oral health plays in the overall health of people.

It was a pleasure to be able to meet so many of you at the recent ADX20. We were proud to exhibit our new products: VDW.Rotate, the world’s newest Endodontic file system, VDW.Connect Locate a smart apex locator, Ecosite a tremendous innovation in dental composites in addition to hosting our Profitable Practice Partners who like us, and most of you running independently owned business, competing in an environment where corporate are partnering with corporate to eliminate independent business.

Thank you for your support in 2020 we look forward to partnering with you in the coming months.