Gunz Dental receives many requests for support from customers, organisations and special
interest groups.  While we consider ourselves fortunate to be given a great many opportunities
for sponsorship, it became apparent that there are far more great teams, great opportunities and worthwhile causes than we could ever hope to sponsor!

We align ourselves with organisations and activities that focus on professional development for dental professionals as well as the promotion of good oral health in Australia and New Zealand. 


Sponsorship criteria

Each application is assessed against the criteria outlined below.

The activity or project must:
  • offer benefits to our professional community - both dental practitioners and/or patients
  • enhance Gunz Dental's relationship with our key stakeholders
  • reinforce our corporate objectives
  • reach a significant target audience
  • provide the opportunity for staff engagement  

Your application must clearly demonstrate how the project meets each of these criteria and the benefits Gunz Dental will receive from the partnership investment.

As a general rule of thumb, Gunz Dental will not sponsor:
  • activities that are not aligned with our key corporate objectives
  • individual sports people or sports teams
  • activities where there is insufficient lead-time to prepare
  • organisations that demonstrate political, religious or socially divisive objectives
  • activities that denigrate or offend the community
  • events with less than 100 attendees.

Sponsorship application

All sponsorship requests require a minimum lead-time of three months and must be received in writing, by completing the Sponsorship Request Form, below.  Please allow six to eight weeks for your application to be fully evaluated.
File attachments: