Fill Your Chairs This Spring & Summer

  • Nov 3 2017

We are now entering into the time of the year, in which a majority of weddings, graduations and formals are taking place. So what does this mean? People will now begin to care more about their appearances, specifically how their smile is perceived. How are you going to grow your practice through whitening?

Gunz Dental is offering exclusive bundles on our whitening range to ensure that you are prepared to not only drive demand for whitening treatments this Spring & Summer but also deliver these treatments efficiently and effectively.

Check out our offers here:
Gunz Dental Spring & Summer 2017 Whitening Offers

Included in each offer upon purchase, are multiple pieces of collateral your practice can personalise (by embedding your practice logo & contact information) and utilise to promote whitening treatments to your current customer base.

Examples of what these promotional materials look like are available below in the form of PDF's, along with the offer agreement which can also be accessed from our online store.

A list of the promotional materials include:

  • Bianco patient brochure
  • Two Bianco whitening posters
  • Bianco pull up banner
  • Opalescence Go brochure