Effective Dentistry for Better Productivity
Time Is Money
  • Sep 9 2016

Effective Dentistry for Better Productivity

Time is Money.

Especially more so when you are operating a dental practice and your main source of income is “bums-on seat”. Many things factor in to operating a dental clinic to ensure you deliver the best possible outcome to your patients – but how do you balance between that and using your time efficiently to increase productivity?  

With dentistry constantly evolving with more products, procedures and best practices,how are you maximising your time and your dental team’s productivity to ensure you are reaping the most of your time efficiently and proficiently?
Am I treating more patients? Am I having enough time with each patient and feeling relaxed and focused during the treatment procedure? Or am I thinking of other things that we have to do in preparation for the next patient? Should I be spending this much time with this treatment?
Proficiently utilising your time with each procedure can save you a few more minutes which when bundled up, could result with having time to focus on other aspects of your practice – either for professional development or time with your staff and practice. Even if your practice is not operating at full capacity, you can spend more time on activities to attract patients or improve recall.
We now then come to address the million-dollar question - How do I save time in my practice then?

Effective Dentistry for Better Productivity