Sterilisation Workflow: Your 8 Step Guide to Instrument Tracking

8 Step Tracking Instruments Workflow
  • Nov 2 2016

What Strelisation Workflow Do You Implement? 
Your 8 Step Guide to Instrument Tracking

Processes ensure good productivity and minimise the risk of error. But to be really efficient, a workflow process must have been well-engineered as the first purpose is to protect patients and staff from any kind of infections.

Your autoclave is the centre of your sterilisation workflow and it makes instrument tracking easier. Let’s have 5 minutes to think about it. Is there any redundant step that your staff could remove? Are you able to track the right instrument if any infection control issue appears? Have you thought of automating your tracking?

Here is a simple but efficient example of an 8 step sterilisation workflow by Tuttnauer in order to provide a link between instruments used on a patient and a verified sterilization cycle:

STEP 1: Select instruments for next patient. Type or scan the different instrument bar coding related to the next patient and link them to the patient file. 

STEP 2: Use and bring the utilised instruments back from the surgery. 

STEP 3: Filter, throw and clean instruments depending on their type with an ultrasonic cleaner or an automatic cleaning and lubrication system. 

STEP 4: Print bar coding stickers with the date, the autoclave designation and the load number. The number of stickers printed depends on the number of pouches sterilised in the same sterilisation cycle. You can use any label printer. 

STEP 5: Stick the different bar coding on the pouches. 

STEP 6: Scan all labels with the bar code reader that is plugged to your autoclave. 

STEP 7: Process the sterilisation cycle. 

STEP 8: Once the cycle has been completed, the autoclave will print a ticket with all necessary information : Date, Autoclave Reference, Bar Codes that was previously scanned, Load Number, and a statement for the successful cycle. Stock and file the ticket in your load book. If your autoclave doesn't have a printer, use the USB port available to do so.