Belmont eIII Comm: The Ultimate Air Dental Unit for Patient Communication

Belmont eIII Comm Treatment Centre
Belmont eIII Comm
  • Mar 9 2016

• Designed for face-to-face communication between doctor and patient

• Ideal for obtaining accurate and consistent occlusal records for prosthodontic and restorative procedures.

• Double articulated headrest ensures a comfortable and correct head position for children and adults

• Backrest design for improved patient comfort and support

• Swing out arm rest ensures easy access for children, elderly and the less mobile to gain access

• Base rotation of 110° (Left or Right)

The combination of electro-hydraulic and air operated system ensures a high standard of reliability and safety.

• Touchless sensor on/off LED dental light

• Large operational doctor’s table ensures unparalleled ease of use and plenty of working area

• Clean station makes infection control easy

Belmont Reliability - Think Ahead.  Product of Japan. Includes 3 year equipment