Ubistesin Anaesthetic from 3M ESPE, exclusive to Gunz Dental

  • Mar 20 2012

3M ESPE has partnered with Gunz Dental to offer Australian dental professionals a real choice in dental anaesthetics with the introduction of Ubistesin™ Articaine HCl 4%.   

Ubistesin is available in two formulations for routine and complicated procedures requiring prolonged anaesthesia. 

3M™ ESPE™ Ubistesin™

Articaine HCI 4% & Adrenaline 1:200,000 for routine procedures

  • Contains 4% articaine and adrenaline 1/200,000 as a vasoconstrictor
  • Contains only Sulphite as a stabiliser
  • For adults and children aged 4 and over
  • Average duration of action:

- Pulp anaesthesia: approx. 45 minutes
- Soft-tissue anaesthesia: 120-240 minutes
- Onset period of 1-3 minutes

3M™ ESPE™ Ubistesin™ Forte 1/100 000

Articaine HCI 4% & Adrenaline 1:100,000 for complicated procedures requiring prolonged anaesthesia

      • Contains 4% articaine and adrenaline 1/100,000 as a vasoconstrictor
      • Contains only Sulphite as a stabiliser
      • For adults and children aged 4 and over
      • Average duration of action:

- Pulp anaesthesia: approx. 75 minutes
- Soft-tissue anaesthesia: > 240 minutes
- Onset period of 1-3 minutes

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience in dental local anaesthetics, 3M ESPE has a proven process to ensure that the high quality local anaesthetic is checked and safeguarded.  This process begins when the washed and siliconised cartridges are filled by means of a laser-controlled process. This step guarantees a particularly high degree of freedom from bubbles. As an additional step, all cartridges pass through an optoelectronic control system to check them for visible particles in the solution, absence of bubbles, potential glass defects, correct position and size of stopper.  Even the packaging has been continuously refined and includes the following well-thought-of features:

  • Cylindrical glass ampoules with inner silicone coating –
    for a smooth, gentle and controlled injection
  • Safety foil – prevents splintering
  • Packaging in a stable metal tin with a padded interior –
    for safe transport, easy removal and tidy storage
  • Colour-coded aluminium caps – No chance of mix-ups!


Ubistesin provides profound anaesthesia

The rapid metabolism and high plasma protein binding of Articaine allows for a 4% articaine formulation that results in profound anaesthesia.  Due to this higher efficacy, it is possible to decrease the volume and lower the epinephrine concentration to 1:200.000 for routine dental procedures.

Ubistesin provides the least risk anaesthetic for patients

The high plasma binding rates of Articaine lead to low systemic toxicity and shortest elimination half-time.  As a result, Ubistesin is a least risk anaesthetic for the majority of patients.

“A number of clinical studies in recent years have demonstrated Articaine’s superiority for infiltration anaesthesia, particulary in the mandible”, said Stephen Langdon, Scientific Affairs Manager for 3M ESPE. “Articaine is not only less cardio-depressant but also less vasodilative than lidocaine and therefore can and should be combined with lower epinephrine concentrations in routine dental procedures”.  

"When you combine the profound benefits of rapid metabolism, high plasma protein binding, high lipid solubility, and enhanced tissue penetration, clinical needs and patient benefits are well met with the use of Articaine” said Langdon. 

Interested in further reading regarding Ubistesin and articaine?  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for links to .pdf versions of product information and peer-reviewed scientific studies.

We recommend that you review review the Product Information sheet before administering these products.  A copy can be downloaded by clicking here.
The Product Information can also be found on the http://www.ebs.tga.gov.au
PBS information: This Product is not listed on the PBS.

Gunz Dental is excited to be partnering with 3M ESPE to bring this exciting new anaesthetic option to Australian dental professionals.  For further information, please contact your Gunz Dental representative or a member of our friendly Customer Service team on (freephone) 1800 025 300.