Important information regarding the ACCC ruling in relation to take-home whitening - April 2012

  • Apr 11 2012

Dear Colleague,

We at Gunz Dental would like to ensure that our customers are aware of their obligations as a result of the recent ruling from the ACCC ruling re the supply of whitening products for at home use. Our intention is to provide you with some clarity on the whitening solutions available to you from Gunz Dental and how you can confidently administer these. (please see attachment)

As you may be aware  on the 9th December, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) acted to stop the supply of do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth-whiteners containing unsafe concentrations of peroxide and negotiated recalls of nine home use teeth whitening products sold over the counter (OTC) and available nationally. At that time the ACCC’s advice was that "Consumers should be extremely cautious before undertaking any DIY teeth whitening treatment and should not use kits that contain more than 6 per cent Hydrogen Peroxide and/or more than 18 per cent Carbamide Peroxide."

During the past fortnight, the ACCC has revised its interpretation of the current regulatory arrangements for teeth whitening products and the following ACCC advice is brought to your attention: It is the position of the ACCC that DIY teeth whitening products containing concentrations of more than six percent Hydrogen Peroxide and / or more than eighteen percent Carbamide Peroxide are inherently unsafe for self-administered home use and that they do not comply with the existing provisions of the Poisons Standard for a preparation intended to be taken in the mouth.

The ACCC position does not apply to the supply of teeth whitening products (of any concentration) to dental practices and the clinical use of these products by registered dental practitioners on patients under their direct care and supervision in their surgery / office. However, the ACCC has reason to believe that some dentists may not be aware that they are not allowed to supply teeth whitening kits (with or without education, training and competence in teeth whitening / bleaching) for unsupervised use by patients at home if the concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide are equal to or greater than 6% and 18% respectively.

The ADA’s policy statement on Teeth Whitener 2.2.8, dated April 16/17 2009 states that:

3.1 Only dentist should use tooth whitening (bleaching) agents incorporating Hydrogen Peroxide at concentrations exceeding 3% or Carbamide Peroxide exceeding 9%.

The Dental Board of Australia released its interim policy on teeth whitening/bleaching dated on 12 November 2010 states:“Teeth whitening/bleaching, is an irreversible procedure on the human teeth and any tooth whitening/bleaching products containing more than 6% concentration of the active whitening/bleaching agent, should only be used by a registered dental practitioner with education, training and competence in teeth whitening/bleaching” However, the Dental Board’s statement made no distinction between the two main active ingredients in tooth whitening Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide

Gunz Dental are committed to supporting Oral Health Care Professionals to deliver the best possible care and we endorse the ADA and Dental Board’s position that tooth whitening should only be used by a registered dental practitioner.

Whilst the ACCC prescribed levels of concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide for home use teeth whitening products is different to that of the ADA and Dental Board of Australia, Gunz Dental has reviewed its whitening product range in line with the ACCC ruling.

We look forward to working closely with you to ensure dental professionals continue to be able to deliver the therapeutic and cosmetic treatment modalities that they see fit for their patients, based on their education, training and competence

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact, our customer service team on 1800 025 300.