Valo cordless has arrived!

  • Jul 29 2011

Rated the #1 dental curing light of 2010 by Reality magazine, an independent evaluator of dental products, VALO has set itself apart as a leader in the field.

Its slim, wand-like body is unlike any other curing light on the market. Not only is it lightweight and easy to handle, but it offers unprecedented access even in difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.

VALO emits a broad spectrum of wavelengths that polymerize all dental materials — even those not cured by most LED lights — and a specially designed lens that provides a uniquely concentrated cure. When compared with several other leading curing lights during a MARC (Managing Accurate Resin Curing) test, VALO demonstrated a more powerful and consistent cure.

Add the fact that VALO has three user-friendly modes — Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode — and it’s easy to see why clinicians around the world are choosing VALO.

The cordless companion to VALO, VALO Cordless features: ​​​​​​​

Powerful, environmentally responsible, and inexpensive re-chargeable batteries

VALO Cordless rechargeable batteries have been selected for their optimal power output, battery life and expectancy, and safety. Because they are rechargeable they also help protect the environment and keep costs low.

A custom broadband LED pack

With VALO Cordless you are not limited to one particular light cured dental material. VALO Cordless’s custom LED pack offers multiple wavelengths that consistently cure all dental materials within 395–480 nm — including camphorquinone and the entire range of proprietary photoinitiators.



Refined optics and a focused, collimated beam

The collimation and uniformity of a curing light’s beam directly affect the quality of power that reaches the restoration sight. Studies have shown that VALO Cordless’s beam remains ideally collimated and concentrated, to provide optimal power and prevent hot/cold spots.



An ergonomic, cordless design

Weighing a mere 170 grams, VALO Cordless is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Its cordless wand body allows the practitioner maximum freedom of movement.

The lowest profile head for a curing light

VALO Cordless’s slim wand head allows easy access to all areas of the mouth. The minimal, 5° head angle allows it to remain parallel with the restoration site, preventing power dispersion and loss.

3 powerful curing modes

Three curing modes — Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) — give practitioners ultimate flexibility with their restorative procedures. Simple, intuitive timer controls make switching between modes fast and easy.

Near uni-body construction

Made primarily from a single piece of high-grade aluminum, VALO Cordless offers excellent heat dissipation and durability. 

A sapphire-hard coating and Teflon seal

VALO Cordless’s sapphire coating is scratch resistant, while its Teflon seal makes it easy to clean.



For more information or to arrange an in-surgery demonstration of the new Valo Cordless LED curing light from Ultradent, contact your Gunz Dental representative, or call a member of our friendly customer service team on (Australia freephone) 1800 025 300 or (New Zealand freephone) 0800 30 10 10.