Reciproc 1 file rotary endo from VDW

  • May 11 2011

A new era has begun. And with it, innumerable instrument changes and time-consuming work steps are now history.

RECIPROC® is possibly the most significant new development since nickel-titanium instruments were first introduced to rotary preparation of root canals.

The difference to rotary NiTi-systems with their elaborate instrument sequences is that RECIPROC® completely prepares and shapes the root canal with only one single instrument: One File Endo.

The RECIPROC system was developed by VDW/Munich to systematically simplify the procedure of preparing root canals while ensuring maximum security during the process. Simplicity is made possible through the use of this new reciprocating movement coupled with the special design of the RECIPROC instrument itself.

In its back-and-forth movement with varying angles of rotation, the instrument moves toward the apex with its active forward and discharging backward movement. Precise steering takes place with the easy-to-use VDW.SILVER®RECIPROC® motor.

The instrument has a specific design and, together with this novel reciproc-movement, even extremely curved or narrow canals can be easily prepared. This innovative M-Wire® nickel-titanium alloy offers higher resistance against cyclic fatigue and greater flexibility than the conventional nickel-titanium-alloys.

One RECIPROC instrument replaces a number of hand- and rotary instruments and is therefore defined for use in one molar maximum. Instruments are taken directly out of sterile packaging and simply discarded after use making work flow more efficient and preventing material fatigue due to over-use.

Click here to view Reciproc in action.