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  • Jun 1 2016

Predictable Tissue Management with Traxodent® Hemodent® Retraction Paste System

Predictable Tissue Management with Traxodent® Hemodent® Retraction Paste System 
Robert B. Mongrain D.M.D

  • Mar 15 2016

The DMG MiniDam: Quick Protection - where it's needed

Reliable isolation and secure gingival protection without a rubber dam?  That's what you get with the new DMG MiniDam.

  • Mar 9 2016

Belmont eIII Comm: The Ultimate Air Dental Unit for Patient Communication

This unique knee break design creates an ideal environment for consultation and communication between dentist and patient.

  • Mar 20 2015

GUM® Technique PRO toothbrush range designed for gum disease patients

Now available from Gunz Dental: Sunstar, a leader in professional oral healthcare products, has launched a range of manual toothbrushes, GUM Technique PRO, to help patients suffering from periodontitis and gingivitis to improve their plaque removal, brushing technique and overall oral health.