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  • Apr 22 2015

Expazen™: The first cord-paste ever!

Expazen™ is fast becoming World Number ONE

Join the revolution in the field of sulcular opening and try Expazen, the first cord-paste ever!

  • Mar 20 2015

GUM® Technique PRO toothbrush range designed for gum disease patients

Now available from Gunz Dental: Sunstar, a leader in professional oral healthcare products, has launched a range of manual toothbrushes, GUM Technique PRO, to help patients suffering from periodontitis and gingivitis to improve their plaque removal, brushing technique and overall oral health.

  • Jan 31 2015

Oral Care

Finally, a no non-sense Oral Care range of products that make sense, and fits your practice and your patients.  Help your patients get the Oral Health they deserve.

  • Jan 31 2015

CASE STUDY: Clinical Application of Xantalgin Chrono

Accuracy and dimensional stability are fundamental properties for impression materials. Dependent upon the indication presented here, the use of costly and workintensive silicone impression materials is not always necessary.