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  • Apr 11 2014

The Power of Bleaching

With so many bleaching materials on the market today, it is really hard to decipher which products to use and why.

  • Jan 28 2014

Gunz Dental exclusive partner for Kettenbach Products in Australia

Gunz Dental is excited to be adding the Kettenbach range of quality dental materials to our extensive clinical portfolio in Australia.

  • Dec 16 2013

Dental Townie Choice Awards 2013

The Townie Choice Awards is Dentaltown Magazine's annual 'Gear Guide' for the dental profession.  The TCAs serve as a compass showing the way to the dental industry product aces - as chosen by dental professionals, not industry salespeople!  Gunz Dental is proud to offer our customers the following 2013 Townie Choice Award products...

  • Dec 11 2013

Gluma Desensitizer Powergel from Heraeus Kulzer

A comparative clinical trial of two desensitising agents.

  • Dec 10 2013

Don't be numb to your patients' local anaesthetic outcomes!

When it comes to providing a better patient experience AND peace of mind for the practitioner, nothing compares to Ubistesin local anaesthesia from 3M ESPE.