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  • Nov 28 2016

10 Truths to Know About Multiple-Use & Disposable Syringe Tips

10 Truths to Know About Multiple-Use and Disposable Syringe Tips

Are you or your practice using reusable syringe tips? Ongoing discussion of infection control issues surrounding reuseable vs disposable devices can present clinicains with information that sometimes includes conflicting rationales for choice and use. However, here's 10 truths that you should know about multiple-use and disposable syringe tips. 

  • Nov 2 2016

Root Canal Irrigants and Disinfectants

Bacteria are the major cause of pulpal and periapical diseases. Complexity of the root canal system, invasion of the dentinal tubules by microorganisms, formation of smear layer during instrumentation and presence of dentin as a tissue are the major obstacles for complete elimination of bacteria during cleaning and shaping of root canal systems.

  • Nov 2 2016

Sterilisation Workflow: Your 8 Step Guide to Instrument Tracking

Processes ensure good productivity and minimise the risk of error. But to be really efficient, a workflow process must have been well-engineered as the first purpose is to protect patients and staff from any kind of infections.

  • Oct 26 2016


Whitening is undeniably, a relatively simple treatment to sell within a dental practice. 

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental procedure by patients of all ages.