From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

30 September 2016 

Liz Wessel is a young entrepreneur in the press at the moment. One of her values is “Be a master at your craft, but know you're not THE master”.


This is something that I think everybody can relate to.


The two questions you need to ask is: what is the craft that you want to be a Master of; and can I be Master of more than one Craft? For example, “Can I be a Master of Business and a Master of Dentistry at the same time?”.


Given many Dentists today are self-employed and/or Practice Owners, I think these are relevant and confronting questions. There is no doubt that it is becoming more difficult to stay abreast of all the evidence being published in just the field of Business, let alone adding all that is published on Dentistry as well, and then to have the capacity and energy to implement the evidence effectively based on a full understanding of the business environment that we operate in that is changing as Corporates and Health funds become more visible to patients in their own right.


The Corporate model addresses the issue of Business and Dentistry mastery by offering the opportunity to focus only on the Clinical delivery – however, the Corporate model is not for everyone. It would appear that some Health Funds are both a partner and a threat to business. Both the Corporates and the Health Funds operating in the Dental space are well funded and vertically integrated, and does pose a threat to the traditional dental practice. 

A new group, Independent Dental Network (IDN) has established itself with the intent to help the traditional dental practice compete on a more level playing field with Corporates and Health Funds and it will be interesting to see if enough like-minded practice owners have can be assembled to establish this group as a real alternative to the service provision provided by Corporates and Health funds. For more information see .

As they say that the one constant is change. Not so constant, however, is how humans respond to change. Do we just drift with the flow or do we embrace the change and take some control over what we are going to be Masters of and then decide if can we be Masters of more than one thing?


At Gunz Dental we have an 80 year history of helping Dental Professionals provide the best possible care. We are constantly paying particular attention to the choices Oral Health Care Professionals are making in order that we can build on the foundation built by those who went before us, so we can be around for many years in the business of continuing to help Oral Health Care Professionals provide the best possible care.


Thank you for your business last month.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director