From the Managing Director

Trevor MartinIn reading through some copies of the Australian Woman’s weekly from 1953 what caught my eye were the two advertisements for toothpaste. Ipana advertised their new toothpaste blended with full strength Chlorphyll the amazing “natural” deodorant and Gibbs S.R offering sparkling teeth in healthy gums.

It struck me that for more than 60 years companies have been promoting the benefits of good oral health, but despite all the money that has been spent by companies, government and the profession in promoting products, services and public health messages the majority of the public do not perceive the value in a regular visit to the dentist and still not everyone brushes their teeth twice a day.

However, I think there is great value if the more than 20K people in the industry and profession, on both sides of the ditch, take responsibility to share an agreed message on the benefits of good oral health and advocate regular visits to a dentist with everyone we meet, both in person and across social media platforms with the aim, in the first instance to lift regular attendance from 33 to 50% of the population. We only need 1400 different contacts each to reach everyone in Australia and NZ! Now there’s an idea.

Thank you for your business last month, we look forward to helping you provide the best possible care in October.


Trevor Martin
Managing Director