From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

I asked a Dentist what would he do if he could be anything else but a Dentist and his response was that he would not want to be anything else but a Dentist and I truly believe he was being authentic in his response and I found that very refreshing. Some people ask me when am I planning to stop working and my response is that I am not planning to stop working. I love my job and I hope to never have to stop working. The similarity of my view regarding work and my friend the Dentist is that we both believe that we still have much to learn to be excellent at doing what we love to do so we need to keep doing what we do until we are perfect.  In my world I think there is always someone better than me so I need to keep working on doing better and therefore I will have a job for life.

Two recent business conditions surveys published by the ADIA produced two different views on business conditions for those engaged in dentistry. For companies supplying products and services they see business conditions as quite encouraging and are quite optimistic about prospects in the medium term. These businesses site the increasing number of new dentists and the increased number of people seeking dentistry and strong government policy to encourage business investment as reasons to be optimistic. For businesses providing dental treatments, the Dentist, the view was pessimistic and their view on the future was not optimistic. For Dentists there were common themes, patients spending less on dentistry because they are not confident, new practices are opening and taking patients. However some dentists said, they are fighting hard to retain their patients by improving their marketing, implementing social media programs, improve their patient booking systems to reduce no shows, and their business was doing better.

I see a queue of people who want to study dentistry and more dentists who want to start their own surgery and Corporates and Health Funds who want to expand their ability to provide dental services. I find it encouraging that there are still people who see a great future for the business of Dentistry in Australia and New Zealand and an increasing number of companies who are importing products to supply this expanding base of dental providers. For some this is doom and gloom. For me this is the reality and it is not going to change in the short to medium term. I am a firm believer that if you love what you do you will always find a way to manage the circumstance you find yourself in and be able to respond to the challenges those circumstances throw at you. It is no doubt challenging and time consuming and stressful but is also highly rewarding when you know you have done your best and delivered great outcomes for your patient/customer.

Here at Gunz Dental we wake up every morning to help dental professionals provide the best possible care. I thank you for the opportunities you gave us last month to help you provide the best possible care last month and look forward to doing better for you this month.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director