From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

It was the Scot, David Hulme known as "Le Bon David" in pre-revolutionary Parisian salons who realised that reason is a magnificent tool but cannot be a source of motivation.  He wrote;  "Tis as little contrary to reason to prefer even my own acknowledge'd lesser good to my greater' He went onto say that "reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions"

This month, as a consequence of my ADIA responsibilities I had the pleasure to meet with the Federal ADA's committee on Volunteering.  It was inspiring to be in a room of people from both the industry and the profession who were thinking about how we could work together to make dentistry available to those who unable to access services in Australia and abroad.

I learnt that there is a wealth of knowledge that already exists in both the profession and the industry as to how best to provide dental services to those less well off than ourselves with no thought of compensation for travel, time, materials, equipment and knowledge.  I also learnt that there are a significant number of quality human beings who are willing to volunteer their time to making dentistry more accessible.  

If you have a passion to volunteer your time to provide dental services the ADA's committee can help you to realise your ambition, see the Federal ADA's website for contact details. 

At Gunz Dental we are passionate about helping Dental Professionals provide the best possible care. Thank you for your business last month. We look forward to working with you in November. 

Trevor Martin
Managing Director