From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

I was crossing the ditch in September, 3 seats to myself, stretched out, head closest to the aisle, resting the eyelids when I am disturbed by the lightest of touches across my right eye. It took me a while to work out what it was and when I was brave enough to open my eye there was a tiny tacker. No more than 2 years old, very gently making sure the whale was alive! I smiled. His mother embarrassed picked him up and apologised, the cabin crew walking through the cabin, his passage blocked by the tacker thought it hilarious. Me, I smiled and went back to sleep grateful to have met an inquisitive young man who had no fear of consequence. Long may he stay that way, long may we strive to be that way.

 Sadly we have said good bye to three men in the past two months all of whom dared to be inquisitive and one who also had no fear of consequence. All of whom made a great contribution to Dentistry and Gunz Dental’s understanding of Dental Equipment. Norman Palmer, David Liggins and John Badger, who knew no consequence were all well respected Dental Service technicians on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and New South Wales respectively.

 The passing of these three men remind me, in the most painful of circumstance, of the unpleasant truth that life is short and we should always be prepared to die. Regrettably I could not attend the funeral of our friends from Queensland but at the funeral of John Badger I was once again reminded by the Celebrant as we often are at funerals how to be prepared to die; by living  every day to the full and reaching out and help others, something that I had the pleasure to witness John, Norman and David do in buckets.

 For all those with an interest in all things to do with winter football codes I hope your NRL, AFL, Rugby Union team does well as we get to the business end with finals season and the rugby world cup. However, I hope no one does better than the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup!

 Thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to help you provide the best possible care.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director