From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

I have not met a healthcare professional whose motivation first and foremost is not to provide the best possible health outcomes for a patient.

However, achieving this goal is not easy, patient autonomy challenges both the logic behind the proposed treatment and the desire to undertake the proposed treatment plan. Furthermore the ability of the patient to afford the proposed treatment for the delivery of the best outcome is not always possible and the willingness of the Healthcare provider to offer the best healthcare outcome because, in the case of Government a lack of funds and in the case of business the desire to maintain profitability all combine to fraught the motivation of the Healthcare Professional to deliver the best possible care.

Further complicating the provision of the best possible care is the competency and capability of the Healthcare professional. Sitting next to a Dentist at NZDA Conference in Christchurch last week I asked him what he had learnt from Rob Roda's presentation on Endodontics and he replied "I am probably doing too much Endodontics" and if nothing else I appreciated the honesty albeit I will not know if he will change his decision making on what Endodontic treatments he will continue to undertake.  

David Penglase says that people get your Intent. The Intent of the Dentist who questioned his skill level to undertake the breadth of Endodontic procedures he is performing was a clear demonstration of this fact to me. As it was, I hope, to the Dentist who asked if Gunz Dental could provide a product to deliver a particular Clinical Outcome and we responded that a competitor has the better solution to deliver that particular outcome.

It would seem to me that some in the Dental Profession are more driven by the Market and are making decisions that may compromise the delivery of the best healthcare outcome for the patient. For example not complying to the law with respect to the importation of products. In a recent presentation by the TGA they noted that by the time an adverse event with a medical device has occurred, a patient has already been harmed. Importers of product who do not comply with product importation legislation risk proliferating harm if regulatory authorities cannot communicate adverse events that have occurred locally or internationally.

Regulation with respect to Product importation is not dissimilar to that of the regulation of Healthcare Professionals where Medical Boards are legislated to prevent Medical Professionals who have yet to prove that they meet Australia Standards from practicing their Medical Speciality in Australia and New Zealand. Even if that person is a recognised leader in the profession and that registered Healthcare Professionals in Australia and New Zealand are inspired to travel the world and invite that expert to Australia/NZ to be able to listen, learn and apply the lessons to their practice in order to improve the health outcomes of their patients.  

I read recently that Dental is last to enter a recession and is a laggard in exiting a recession. As we all do our best in a changing/changed market to maintain our business profitability we need to reflect on the intent for our respective businesses and share Dr Fast's view that we need to take care that we do not lose focus on the patient. People get your intent.

I and the Gunz team look forward to helping you provide the best possible care in September. Thank you for your business.

Trevor Martin
Managing Director