From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

Happy New Year. I trust you are enjoying the summer albeit we don’t seem to be able to slow down like we used to at this time of year, but maybe that’s a consequence of me growing older or that we have more choice as to when we take our holidays and what we do on holiday!

I have been, and am a great advocate of choice. I like the Wikipedia definition of choice. “Choice involves mentally making a decision: judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options or between real options followed by the corresponding action” I like choice because it is very proactive, you have to find the options, you have to decide and you have to act. Sometimes and often because we have been doing something in one particular way for so long we become oblivious to there being a different and possibly better way to achieve the same outcome, we forget we have choice! Of course we have to be mindful of the amount of time we spend on researching our choices because there is a trade off between the time spent researching and your capability and competence to implement the chosen action to achieve the desired outcome.

In my opinion one of the choices that the profession of Dentistry needs to make is does it progress down the path of being a Physician of the mouth looking for Oral cancer’s signs of systemic disease, advising patients on appropriate lifestyle with regard to non communicable diseases and oral health, or ensuring the population has cavity free natural dentition that lasts a lifetime and looks good? Human beings naturally want to categorise their fellow human beings and in a world that has an increasing number of Oral Health

Graduates across the profession who are focused on helping patients be cavity free, retain their natural dentition for their lifetime and have a smile that looks good at a lower cost than you do I would advocate that those most proactive among the profession of Dentistry research how to be a physician of the mouth.

Given that there are more and more people willing to complain becoming a Physician of the mouth is not without its challenges. As David Crum from the NZDA wrote in his article in the NZDA Journal in July 2015. “how I communicate with my patients should be open to assessment, challenge and monitoring’’. However, just because one is open to challenge has never deterred me from taking the chosen

path. As a consequence of our training and ability to learn we have an implied status and credibility and I as David wrote a “’privileged influence’’ on our chosen area of expertise that we should trust ourselves to exercise despite the criticism we might incur from others with their own agenda’s. I encourage you to always be evaluating the choices you have and I hope you achieve everything you desire in 2016.

I and the team at Gunz Dental look forward to 2016 and to continue to help you provide the best possible care.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director