From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

We are now more than half way through the calendar year and I wonder how your business is tracking compared to last year? Are new patients up, have last year’s new patients come back, what is the mix of treatment plans  compared to last year, is my business on track? These are all questions I would want to ask before I measured how many weeks am I booked out for. They are also the questions I want to ask if I am an employed/contacted dentist, hygienist or therapist. I would also want these numbers before I started thinking about marketing my business because I have gaps in my appointment book.  Why, because the numbers will help me identify what I need to communicate. For example do I need more new patients, recall existing ones, follow up on appropriate proposed treatment plans each requires a different type of communication.

I suspect the biggest challenge is how do I work on my business rather than in my business. Most dentists in Australia and New Zealand are sole proprietor or partnerships, contrary to popular opinion, corporate’s and insurance companies albeit growing are not the biggest either in profitable revenue generation or number of patients seen compared to the more traditional dental business and when you are you are the 'jack of all business functions' but the master of none and also responsible for generating the revenue, time is precious! Take comfort you are not alone in the world or in the neighborhood in which you operate.

So it is about making choices. What am I going to stop doing to free time to work on, rather than in my business? A day seeing patients once a week, once a fortnight, your fitness regime for a week or maybe family time? It’s tough, but choices have to be made. I also recommend networking with the businesses in your neighbourhood on a regular basis to share ideas about business.  It is in my experience much easier to plagiarise rather than reinvent the wheel and you never know you might win a new customer, establish cross business promotions... the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for your business last month we look forward to helping you provide the best possible care in August.

Trevor Martin
Managing Director