From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

I heard a saying recently that said “things should be easy to learn but difficult to master” which made me think about things that are easy to learn and difficult to master. One of the first things that sprung to mind was English language and I found the following examples to reinforce my view. There is no ham in hamburger and neither is there any apple nor pine in pineapple. If teachers taught, why don’t preachers praught? If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?  “Overlook” and “oversee” have opposite meanings, while “look” and “see” mean the same thing.

I also thought about some of the software products I use on a daily basis such as Microsoft Excel and Word and PowerPoint, or Evernote and Onenote, or our Business Enterprise Software ASW and our reporting tool Phocas. Products that I have learnt but have not mastered in the definition of Mastery as knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well, complete control or superiority over someone or something.

Which led me to the products we sell and whether the Dental Professionals who use the products we sell have mastered the use of them or indeed have we mastered the products we sell to provide the level of education to our customers to enable them to provide the best possible care.

And then I was prompted to think about what would happen to our business if we spent twice as much time and money on education as we do now on everyone. I think the real win would be in being a part in an Industry/Profession that delights in learning and redefining what” good enough” looks like. It is all about continual improvement and having the desire to make it that little bit better than when you did it the last time and as we approach the end of 2015 perhaps it is worth giving some thought as to what we need to focus our learning on in 2016 to make sure that 2016 is that little bit better or even a lot better than 2015.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to the opportunity to continuing to help you provide the best possible care.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director