From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin
New Horizon’s satellite has taken 9.5 years to get to Pluto and last month travelling at just over 23 km/sec took photos that travelled back to earth 4.7 billion kms away in 4.5 hrs travelling at the speed of light and have given us insights into what is classified now as the largest dwarf planet in the universe….that we know about!

In 2006 NASA's New Horizons was the fastest man made object ever to leave the earth’s atmosphere traveling more than 100 times faster than an aeroplane and was packed with cutting edge technology and the ashes of the man who discovered Pluto. The New Horizon journey is planned to continue until 2026. We watch and are amazed by what has been achieved and all using technology that is probably obsolete today!


The pictures from New Horizon and the pictures sent to me by the mechanic servicing my car this week reminded me of the value of images so that patients can see what needs to be done, see what has been done and be able to reflect on what has been achieved.


I wonder how many of your patients from 2006 think about and/or review the before and after pictures of the restorations that you placed in their mouths with the same sense of awe as we reflect on NASA’s achievements with New Horizon. Using material technology and best practice dentistry for the time you created a restoration that has survived 9.5 years and that you would expect to last for a further 10 years in what is quite a hostile environment for the restoration given the food and fluids they ingest, the use of their teeth as a clamp and the quality of oral care, brush, floss, rinse, regular dental check-ups that patients demonstrate.


The Oral Health Care Profession and the Dental Industry have a great story to tell about the lifelong value of a treatment plan rather than the immediate cost of a treatment. A dental implant at $5K plus an annual hygiene appointment over 20 years is around $500 p.a. investment to be able to smile and eat retaining the majority of the person’s natural dentition. With all the consumer feedback centred around dentistry as being expensive and with consumers having many more choices around where they spend their healthcare dollar without the same 20 year benefits, gyms, diets, cosmetic surgery to name a few we have to be better at communicating the value of the treatment plan to our patients rather than the price of service…with images!


Thank you for your business last month. We look forward to helping you deliver the best possible care in August.

Trevor Martin,
Managing Director