From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

June 2017

I like the work that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is doing around the world, specifically in those countries that are choosing to implement the tools provided, to promote basic oral health functions and why basic oral health is core to life.

I particularly like the FDI definition of Oral Health as "multi faceted and includes the ability to speak smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow and convey a range of emotions through facial expressions with confidence and without pain, discomfort and disease of the cranofacial complex”.

There is much talk about the influence health insurance companies and Corporates are having on the provision of dental services and I am not convinced that the independent dentist business model is going to be exterminated by Corporates and Health Funds. What the Corporates and health funds do better than the independent dentist is in the quantity of patient data. 

People are more health conscious and spending a greater proportion of their incomes on health, massages, beauty clinics, gyms, etc – these are but a few examples. The challenge is how Dentistry is added/retained as a priority health spend and we need to see the competition to the discretionary spend as non health spending. 

Imagine the number of people who would visit the dentist more regularly if we could pair the insights of the data available from health funds and Corporates and combine that insight with the FDI messaging on the benefits of good oral health to society. I suspect we would not have enough dentists to provide the required services. Perhaps we should be eyeing Corporates and Health funds as friends rather than enemies? Just a thought.

Thank you for your business and the opportunity to help you provide the best possible care.


Trevor Martin,

Managing Director