From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

Matt Fisher CEO NSW ADA asked the attendees at a breakfast meeting run by the ADIA recently if they would recommend the profession of dentistry to a family member or family friend as a career. I was somewhat surprised that there was not a majority in the room who would make that recommendation. He also asked if we would recommend a career in the dental industry to a family member or friend, again not a majority. I have asked this same question to a number of audiences over the past month and have received a similar lukewarm response to pursuing a career in the profession and/or the industry.

In a time when patients are choosing to not spend the same amount of their discretionary income on dentistry, I am disappointed that those in the profession and the dental industry are not passionate advocates for the profession and/or the industry, whilst at the same time looking to others to protect their income level be it through more government funding for dentistry, lower student intake into dentistry, greater restrictions on overseas trained dentists being able to practice, prohibition of patients being shipped off shore by health funds, better promotion of dentistry to the public and why dentistry in Australia is better than anywhere else in the world (to name but a few suggestions made to me by dental professionals and dental industry members alike).

I am not predisposed to any of the above. I suggest we need to take matters into our hands and be willing and prepared to evangelise both the dental profession and the dental industry. We can start by recommending the profession and industry as the best career choice. By explaining why a regular visit to the dentist minimises the risk of not having all your natural dentition for the remainder of your natural life; by explaining treatment plans and fees and charges to patients so they can make an informed choice; by explaining our products and services so our customers can make an informed choice.

I encourage you to go forth and be advocates for the profession of dentistry and a career in the dental industry and to never forget the great contribution we make to the health and well being of the country.

Thank you to everyone who visited ADX14 last month and to all those customers who were inspired to buy from Gunz Dental. We look forward to helping you deliver the best possible care in April.

Trevor Martin
Managing Director