From the Managing Director

Trevor Martin

I was challenged recently to respond to the question, are you an explorer or a exploiter? Explorers are often our hero’s Peter Blake, Sir Edmund Hilary, Dr Irwin Smigel (google him), Bill Gates, Captain Kirk they are the pioneers the ones who take the big risk to go where no man, or woman for that matter have been before. But how quickly do those once fringe activities now become a way of life.

Taken by the exploiters who commercialise the explorers and make the fringe every day. But without the explorers there are no exploiters and without the exploiters there is less exploration if only because it cannot be funded. What is important therefore is that both individuals and businesses must be both explorers and a exploiters. Being 100% either one or the other is not healthy for individuals or businesses. There must be a balance but where balance may not be 50-50.

The balance is where you can be healthy. On that basis I was posed two additional questions to consider. In your business what you do that you are successful at and is now routine and have you challenged that success belief? And secondly ask yourself when did you personally explore something new and do you need to be doing more of what you learnt when you were an explorer?

To all those who took the time to visit our exhibition stand at ADX at the end of March, thank you for making the time to stop we were very proud to launch a few new products and to make available a number of representatives from our overseas suppliers to discuss their products and how they can be best used to help you provide the best possible care.

Thank you to for your business last month and as the end of the Australian financial year approaches we look forward to continuing to help you provide the best possible care in the future.

Trevor Martin,

Managing Director