Equipment Repairs & Servicing

Nova Class B Autoclave TuttnauerGunz Dental has for many years provided a professional, inexpensive repair and service centre for the after sales support of equipment. This repair service is provided in-house and field or - when necessary - facilitates your repair back to the manufacturer. Our service technicians are experienced and factory trained and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to keep pace with the introduction of new technology into the market place.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Gunz Dental Service department for any assistance that you may need for repairs or servicing of your equipment.


Gunz Dental Equipment Repairs and Servicing

Where a repair is carried out within our service department we aim to return your repair back to you within seven days of receipt. If the repair is delayed longer than seven days you will be advised and provided an estimated time frame of when the item will be returned.

During the repair process, our service technicians will take the opportunity to evaluate your equipment to check for potential future servicing or repair needs; we will then contact you to ascertain whether you wish us to proceed with such repairs. The Gunz Dental service team uses only manufacturers' genuine parts.

In the event that we decide an item needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, we will contact you to confirm that you wish the repair to proceed. We will endeavor to have it returned back to you within six weeks. Upon receipt of the item, the manufacturer will advise Gunz Dental of any charges relating to your repair and subsequently we will contact you and provide an estimate for your approval. We will not proceed with any unauthorised repairs.

In the situation of a mission critical field breakdown, we aim to respond and be on site and affect the repair to allow next day functioning of the failed equipment.